This Is What 1,200 Calories Looks Like On A Low-Carb Diet

November 26, 2017

There are endless diets to choose from, but perhaps one of the most hyped right now is the low-carb diet. (You can thank the Atkins, the Whole30, and ketogenic plans for that!) If you’re wondering what all the low-carb fuss is about, here’s the deal: A study published in The New England Journal Of Medicine showed that over the course of six months, […]

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10 Healthy Snacks For Work That You Can Keep At Your Desk

November 11, 2017

Having healthy snacks for work on-hand at the office is key for staying fueled and focused when you need it most. Whether you’re in the middle of a big project or you’re chained to your desk with a looming deadline, they’ll help keep your energy up and your blood sugar stable during an afternoon slump, says Brittany Kohn, M.S., R.D. Plus, “if you’re […]

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