Month: January 2018

What to Expect the First 6 Months on a Low-Carb Diet

January 22, 2018

We all have expectations (as well as hopes and dreams) for what will happen when we change our diets. It’s important at the start to remember that everyone is different with respect to weight loss, and you can’t expect your experience to be the same as someone else’s. The best approach is simply to become […]

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11 Nutritionist-Approved Late Night Snacks

January 19, 2018

Sometimes your stomach doesn’t get the memo that it’s actually time to sleep…not time to eat. Maybe you ate dinner early or you stayed up late and now you’re hungry again. Or you just really want a snack to go with Netflix. But you’ve also heard it’s not great to eat right before bed, so […]

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January 3, 2018

 New to the ketogenic diet? Want the best keto foods in a list for easier shopping? May this guide help you make the right choices at the grocery store. And may it help you melt fat as easily as a heated skillet melts butter. Speaking of butter, that’s a winner on the ketogenic diet shopping list. Only […]

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